MCF Sealless Self Cleaning Filter System

Eaton MCF-824 self cleaning filter

mechanically cleaned strainer, 316SS, largeCutaway illustration of self-cleaning strainer for hazardous fluids

The MCF-824 is a revolutionary automatic strainer design using rare earth magnets to drive the cleaning disc through the element, thus eliminating external shaft and drive seals.  Overall, the MCF-824 has only (2) wear parts, increasing its' reliability and keeping operating costs to a minimum.


Fluid flows into the top and down through the center of the strainer element, passes through it and exits out the bottom side.  As material collects within the ID of the strainer element, a spring loaded cleaning disc travels the length of the element pushing this material towards the bottom of the housing into the purge chamber, where the concentrated solids are easily flushed in a matter of seconds when the purge valve is opened. The quartered and spring loaded cleaning disc is designed to ensure even and consistent force against the element to maximize cleaning efficiency.


The hollow shaft at the center of the system contains rare earth magnets, an internal magnet is coupled to an external magnet.  Pneumatic actuation from standard shop compressed air injected through the base of the center column pushes the internal magnet up and down.  The outer magnet within the cleaning disc follows the internal magnet.  Thus this patented design eliminates physical linkage passing through the vessel.


The cost for an MCF-824 ranges from $27,000 to $35,000 depending upon the degree of automation required. The base system has a "push button" control of a pneumatically actuated purge valve whereas fully automated system can include either Allen-Bradley or Siemens PLC controllers.  Please fill-out our inquiry form which will prompt you for the design criteria required to issue you a detailed  quotation.


Quick, tool-less access to the strainer chamber.
Cleaning disc removed with only a retaining pin and rotating it 90 degrees.
Simple, reliable pneumatic actuation.
No external shaft or drive seals - eliminating all associated leakage.
Easy no-tools access.
Minimal product loss during purging.


30-150 PSI operating pressure.
Flow rates up to 200 GPM.
Operating temperatures up to 180°F
Maximum solids concentration: 200 PPM
Particle retention range: 150 to 6,250 microns
All wetted components 316SS
Elastomers and plastics are Viton®/EPT and Delrin®


5 CFM of 80 PSI clean, dry, non-lubricated compressed air.
15-230v/1ph/50-60Hz electrical service


If you think you might have an applcation for a MCF-824 filter system you can use our inquiry form to provide the design critera or call us at 908.362.9981 so we can send you a proposal. Click on the following parts diagram or use the tables below to look-up the part numbers for specific MCF-824 components, then send us a spare parts inquiry for a quick price and lead time.


Eaton MCF-824 parts diagram


 MCF Wear Part Kit –  Consists of actuator-bearing assemblies (2),
carrier snap rings (2), disc blades (4),
disc springs (4), retaining pin, and instructions.  
Part Number Description
 40137-DEL    MCF Wear Parts Kit – Delrin  
 40172    MCF Wear Parts Kit – Orkot with Viton  
 40173    MCF Wear Parts Kit – Orkot with EPT  
 Actuator Components (Magnetic Actuator Style)
(Refer to Drawing on page 21.)  
 40106    Actuator, Magnetic Assembly  
 40126-VIT    Actuator Retaining O-Ring – Viton  
 40126-FGL    Actuator Retaining O-Ring – White Nitrile  
 40126-EPD    Actuator Retaining O-Ring – EPT (NORDEL)  
 40127    Actuator Snap Ring  
 40144    Actuator Retaining Pin  
 Actuator Bearing Kit – Consists of actuator bearings (2),
 and snap rings (2)
 40107    Actuator Bearing Repair Kit – Delrin  
 40148    Actuator Bearing Repair Kit – Orkot with Viton  
 40149    Actuator Bearing Repair Kit-Orkot with EPT  
 Cleaning Disc Kit – Consists of disc blades (4), springs (4),
retaining pin, and instructions
 40116-DEL    Delrin®  
 Cleaning Disc Replacement Parts  
 40117    Cleaning Disc Plate  
 40111    Disc Spring  
 40122    Cleaning Disc Retaining Pin  
 Compressor Assembly  
 40626    Compressor Assy. (316 Stainless Steel)
– Four Compressor Bars and a Ring  
 Element O-Ring Set (Upper and Lower Required)  
 42626    Viton®  
 42623    EPT (NORDEL)  


 Actuator Components (Refer to Drawing on Page 21)  
Part Number Description
 40212    Kit, actuator, MCF, RET, DEL/VIT  
 40213    Kit, actuator, MCF, RET, DEL/FGL  
 40214    Kit, actuator, MCF, RET, DEL/EPT  
 40215    Kit, actuator, MCF, RET, ORK/VIT  
 40216    Kit, actuator, MCF, RET, ORK/FGL  
 40217    Kit, actuator, MCF, RET, ORK/EPT  
 Filter Elements – Slotted  
 42631    15 Micron  
 42632    25 Micron  
 40668    38 Micron  
 42633    50 Micron  
 42634    75 Micron  
 42635    100 Micron  
 42636    150 Micron  
 47332    180 Micron  
 42652    200 Micron  
 42637    230 Micron  
 42638    380 Micron  
 47341    610 Micron  
 42653    750 Micron  
 47331    1125 Micron  
 Filter Elements – Defined Pore  
 63089    25 Micron  
 63090    380 Micron  
 63076    50 Micron  
 63048    75 Micron  
 63049    100 Micron  
 63050    150 Micron  
 63051    230 Micron  
 63052    380 Micron  
 63053    610 Micron  
 63054    760 Micron  
 63055    1140 Micron  


Filter Elements – Perforated
Part Number Description
42650 1550 Micron
47330 3125 Micron
42661 6250 Micron
Lid O-Rings
40140-VIT Viton®
Purge Valve – Replacement Parts
41009 2” Ball Valve Complete (Parker)
2-Way, Full Port, 3 Pc., Threaded
41006 Ball Valve Repair Kit for 41009
41003 2” Ball Valve (Parker) Body Only
42756 Purge Actuator Mounting Kit
45475 Rotary Actuator, Jamesbury
60179 Rotary Actuator 45475 Repair Kit
Clamp Style Lid – Replacement Parts
40101 Lid, Machined Clamp Style
40112 Lid Clamp
40124 Screw, 3/8”-16 x 3/4” – Lid Clamp
40123 Pin, Hinge Lid MCF
40128 Lid Hinge Snap Ring
Swing Bolt Style Lid – Replacement Parts
40120 Lid, Machined Swing Bolt Style
M-43823 SS4 4 Castle Nut, Swing Bolt
40139 Rod End w/Threaded SS
40123 Pin, Hinge Lid MCF
40128 Lid Hinge Snap Ring SS
40133 Pin, Clevis 2-1/4” x 1/2” SS4
P-30210-SS2 Retaining Ring


 Automation – Timers  
Part Number Description
 40142    Electronic Continuous Clean Valve
 45545    Valve, Air, 4-Way with Push Button
(Dwg. E9-1030)  
 46855    Electric Timer, Repeat Cycle 100-240VAC  
 46858    Solenoid Valve, 4-Way 110VAC
(Single valve – 2-Required)  
 46853    Solenoid Valve, 4-Way 220VAC
(Single valve – 2-Required)
 45667    -Repair Kit for Solenoid Valves
46858 & 46853  
 46857    Circuit Breaker, 2-Pole, 1.6 AMP  
 P-10937-BRZ    Muffler, ¼” NPTE  
 46856    Timer Base  
 Pressure Gauges  
 P-20275-BRZ    Gauge, 2-1/2”, 200 PSI, Liquid Filled,
Back Conn., Bronze
 P-20275-SS6    Gauge, 2-1/2”, 200 PSI, Liquid Filled,
Back Conn., Stainless Steel  
 Siemens PLC Components  
 54002    EEPROM, Siemens S7-200  
 54004    PLC, Siemens S7-200 AC/AC/AC  
 54006    -Siemens Operations Manual  
 54007    Siemens Display Module  
 54003    Expander Module, Siemens S7-200  
 46991    Battery Cartridge S7-200  
 Allen-Bradley PLC Components  
 81523-PGM    PLC, MicroLogix 1200  
 special order    Display, PanelView 300  
 81528    Relay Output Module  
 81521    Cable, PLC to Display  


Misc. Automation Components Common to Either PLC 
Part Number Description
46984 Power Supply, 110VAC/24VDC 2.5 amp 
54001 Power Supply, 220VAC/24VDC 2.5 amp 
P-11075-BRZ  Differential Pressure Switch 
P-20992  Pressure Transmitter, 1:1 Repeater (PMC)
45557 Solenoid Valve, 4-Way, 24VDC 
45667 Repair Kit for P-41334
P-12511  Bulb, 32 V 
49001 2.5 AMP Fuse