Eaton DCF-3000 self cleaning strainer

Ronningen-Petter DCF-3000 scraper strainer, up to 500 GPM


Eaton DCF-3000 dimensionsEaton DCF-3000 filter systemThe DCF-3000 is the largest mechanically cleaned filter system currently offered by Eaton; while they do offer physically larger units (MCS-500 and MCS 1500) those are only applicable for coarser levels of filtration >150 and <1100 microns.  The DCF-3000, as with the other DCF series, can have elements as fine as 15 microns to as coarse as ¼".  So the differentiation between the DCF-3000 and MCS-500 (both have a maximum flow rate of 500 GPM of water) is that the DCF-3000 can be used for finer particle retention as well as more viscous materials.  The MCS-500 and MCS-1500 are for liquid straining (macro filtration) applications whereas the DCF-3000 and the DCF series in general are for finer filtration and filtration of slurries and high viscosity fluids.  The DCF-3000 is provided with process nozzles from 4" to 10" in size as required based upon flow rate and viscosity.

The DCF-3000 has a dual actuator design acting upon a single shaft having two cleaning discs, providing it with the tremendous force required to propel the cleaning discs through dense slurries and viscous fluids at high flow rates.  A PDF article: "Co-packer depends on Eaton to keep frozen sausage production flowing" describes a high flow rate 75 micron filtration application to remove bits of sausage and packaging material from -5°F propylene glycol solution used in the freezing process.  The co-packer advised the system had operated continuously for over 3 years without any maintenance or downtime.


DCF-3000 Design Specifications:

  • Design Operating Pressure: Standard unit pressure is 150 PSIG (10.3 bar), minimum 30 PSIG (2 bar)

  • Filter Body Volume: 48.8 gallons

  • Purge Chamber Volume: 3.2 gallons

  • Element Dimensions: 10” diameter X 48” long – 1508 in²

  • Electrical Requirements: 110 or 220 Volt, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase (24 VDC optional)

  • Air Requirements: 80 PSIG at 5 CFM – intermittent, must be clean, dry, and non- lubricated. ¼” NPTI process connection

  • Estimated Gross: 800 lbs

  • Dimensions: 100" x 48" x 109"


The DCF-3000 is fabricated from 316SS and can use Viton, Buna-N, EPT or food grade Teflon for elastomers.  Their cleaning discs are made of either Delrin or a food grade version of PEEK.  The stoke and purge cycle is programmable by an electric timer; a more sophisticate level of control is possible with an optional PLC such as an Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1400 or Siemens S7-1200.

If you think you might have an application for a DCF-3000 filter system you can use our inquiry form to provide the design criteria or call us at 908.362.9981 so we can send you a proposal. Click on the following PDF datasheet for additional specifications and to look-up the part numbers for specific DCF-3000 spare parts please scroll to the tables below and then send us a spare parts inquiry for a quick price and lead time.


DCF-3000 filter design


 Filter Elements – Slotted  
Part Number Description
 RPE0000026    25 Micron .001  
 RPE0000067    38 Micron .0015” (400 Mesh)  
 59267    50 Micron .002” (325 Mesh)  
 RPE0000027    75 Micron .003” (200 Mesh)  
 RPE0000013    100 Micron .004” (150 Mesh)  
 59260    150 Micron .006” (100 Mesh)  
 59268    175 Micron .007” (80 Mesh)  
 59269    200 Micron .008” (70 Mesh)  
 59266    230 Micron .009” (65 Mesh)  
 59261    250 Micron .010” (60 Mesh)  
 59262    380 Micron .015” (40 Mesh)  
 59263    610 Micron .024” (30 Mesh)  
 59264    750 Micron .030” (20 Mesh)  
 59265    1125 Micron .045” (10 Mesh)  
 Filter Elements-Perforated  
 RPE0000068    6250 Micron .1875″(3/16″)  
 Actuator and Misc. Kits  
 P-20763-BRZ    Elbow, 3/8” NPTE 45° Flare 90 Degrees  
 47502    Aluminum Actuator (Each) for 47501  
 47521    316 SS Actuator (Each) for 47520  
 47514    Actuator Seal Repair Kit (BUN)
– ALU or SS  
 47518    Actuator Seal Repair Kit (VIT)
– ALU or SS
 MAR0000148    Rod, Disc Drive 1” Dia SS6 DCF-3000  
 47515    Safety Switch (Aluminum)  
 47522    Safety Switch (SS)  
 P-35127-SS6    Washer, Locking 3/8”  
 47510    Screw, 3/8”-16 X 1-1/2” Hex. Hd.
 P-21713-BRZ    Adapter, 3/8” NPTE X 45°  
 Lid Packing Components  
 WEL0000016    DCF-3000 Lid for Adjustable Packing  
 42904    Star Wheel, Packing Adjuster  
 42958    Adjustable Packing Repair Kit – Urethane  
 42919    Adjustable Packing Repair Kit
– Teflon®  
 45498    Adjustable Packing Repair Kit
– Z-Seal Viton®
 RPS0000014    Adjustable Packing Repairt Kit
 P-10336-BRZ    Plug, Pipe ¾” Sq. Hd.  
 42630    Screw, Lid Hold Down,
7/16”-14 X 1-1/4” lg. Hex Hd  

 Fluid Seal and Components  
Part Number Description
 45410    Fluid Seal Assembly Less Seals (See Below)  
 45406    Urethane Seals for Fluid Seal  
 45407    Teflon® Seals for Fluid Seal  
 RPS0000037    Viton/Gylon Seals for Fluid Seal  
 RPS0000038    Viton Seals for Fluid Seal  
 42904    Fluid Seal Star Wheel  
 45403    Fluid Seal Lantern Ring  
 Flush Kits and Components  
 45411    Flush Kit for Fluid Seal  
 Cleaning Disc Assembly  
 ASC0000015    Delrin 210° F (White)  
 ASC0000016    Delrin 210° F (White)  
 ASD0000000    PEEK 400° F (Tan)  
 ASD0000001    PEEK 400° F (Tan)  
 Cleaning Disc Kit  
 59274    Delrin® 210° F (White)  
 KID0000001    PEEK 400° F (Tan)  
 Lid O-Rings  
 RPS0000000    Viton® -400° F  
 RPS0000001    EPT (Nordel) -300° F  
 RPS0000031    White Nitrile (FDA Approved) -270° F  
 Element O-Ring (Upper and Lower Required)  
 59230    EPT (Nordel) – 300° F  
 59231    Viton® -400° F  
 RPS0000008    White Nitrile (FDA Approved) – 270° F  
 Purge Valve  
 RPV0000020    2” Ball Valve Complete 2-Way, Full Port,
3 Pc., Threaded $330.00
 KIR0000029    Mounting Bracket Kit – 2” Valve
to Actuator  
 45475    Rotary Actuator, Jamesbury  
 60179    Rotary Actuator 45475 Repair Kit  
 40673    Continuous Clean Valve (CCV)  
 45545    Valve, Air, 4-Way with Push Button  
 42751    Pneumatic Timer (Stroke)  
 42752    Pneumatic Timer (Purge)  
 46855    Electric Timer, Repeat Cycle
 46858    Solenoid Valve, 4-Way 110VAC  
 46853    Solenoid Valve, 4-Way 220VAC  
 45667    Repair Kit for Solenoid Valves
46858 & 46853
 46857    Circuit Breaker, 2-Pole, 1.6 AMP  
 P-10937-BRZ    Muffler, ¼” NPTE  
 46856    Timer Base  

 Pressure Gauges 
Part Number Description
P-20275-BRZ Gauge, 2-1/2”, 200 PSI,
Liquid Filled, Back Conn., Bronze
P-20275-BRZ P-20275-SS6  Gauge, 2-1/2”, 200 PSI,
Liquid Filled,
Back Conn., Stainless Steel  
 Siemens PLC Components
60207-PGM Siemens S7-200 DC/DC/DC  
54006 Siemens Operations Manual
Siemens Display Module
54007 Siemans Display Module
Allen-Bradley PLC Components
81523-PGM PLC, MicroLogix 1200
AUC0000322 Display, Eaton HMI
T00004 Cable, PLC to Display  
 Misc. Automation Components Common to Either PLC
81542 Power Supply, 110VAC/24VDC
2.1 amp
P-11075-BRZ Differential Pressure Switch
P-20992 Pressure Transmitter, 1:1 Repeater
45557 Solenoid Valve, 4-Way, 24VDC
45667 Repair Kit for P-41334
60214 Panel Light, Green
25687 Panel Light, Red